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Rhythms & Visions: May the Odds Forever Be in Your Favorite (Catrina Crowe - Ruston, LA)

Dreams (Catrina Crowe - Ruston, LA)

What are dreams
Dreams are nightmares that we allow to surface at dawning of the day
Dreams are those fears that inundate our desires
Dreams are those little particles of angst that seem to linger way beyond our teenage years
Dreams are the unspoken hopes of memories past, that never seem to escape
Dreams are the burdens of our parents who issued the weight of the world upon our shoulders
Dreams are just nightmares, from the darkest corners of our souls, that we allow ourselves to recognize, if only for the slightest moment of hope.

Rhythms & Visions:...and so the story goes (Catrina Crowe- Ruston, LA)

Rhythms & Visions: Sunday Afternoons

I Love My Mama (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

I love my Mama Because my mama loves our entire family Every step of her life She has been there holding our hands Encouraging us to strengthen our minds To educate ourselves in the spirit of God God blessed us with such a loving woman No matter the occasion My love for her is the grandest of occasions She birthed, principled, & still loves me May she always know how much I love her Happy Birthday, Mother!
Love, Louis

Setbacks (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

I feel a shadow following me.
It's like nothing else.
People tell me leave Louisiana like the soil is poisoned.
Musicians are grown here.
Get out.
Just go!
Rich people's solutions to poor people's problems.
I'm honestly afraid for whether or not I'll have a place to stay.
I've been on my own for years, but this is different.
Like when my grandmother found out she had to raise me.
My aunt gone, my mother gone.
And me, a baby left behind.
A third daughter to raise.
The constant terror she must have felt living on a fixed income.
Still cleaning houses for people who found nothing amusing about me coming with her.