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Corrupted (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I once was innocent Before I met you
Before you seduced me
Before the chains and whips

With your politics, Your sex, your drugs, Your violence, your war Your hatred for my world
You left me corrupted Corrupted with your baggage Corrupted with your dreams Corrupted from your touch, devil

Game Recognized (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Your gun is pointed to my face I would sweat, but I saw it coming I got five guns pointed right back at you You backstabbing bastard I’m sick of your deception Your poisonous love Your cancerous ideas Your hatred disguised as friendship Only helping to me bury myself What kind of leech does that? Oh wait You are a bloodsucker A dirty motherfucker So. Bang. Bang. Bitch. Take all those motherfucking bullets Your game is recognized

Cease & Desist (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

It means quit  Get  The fuck off my dick  Move bitch  Quick  Get out the way  Or you'll have to pay  Can't a mother fucker hold me down oh no  I've got to keep on moving  Grooving  My plan  Mountain man  No more sea level  I need to soar  No more  Fucking with whores  New shores  New heights  Flights  My wings  Do things  I never thought capable of  I'll shove  You out of my way  Like P-Diddy  I'm giddy  High elevation  Self preservation  No more tearing my soul down  No more Heartbreak City Town  Found my tribe My vibe  I'm a bad boy for life So pass the courvoisier Let's sway  To the music  And dance our cares away  Cuz I been around the world  And I, I, I Been playa hated   I don't know how and I don't know why  They want us faded  I dated  Enough boys in Louisiana  Time for Colorado and Montana  Every step I take  Every move I make Every time I pray I'll be missing you But I'll be gifting you  With my absence  My admittance I'm through  Good riddance 

Faggot (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Hate harbored in 1969 Humanity being raided Run, tell Harvey Milk Our souls are being degraded
“Kill the faggots!” Voices like nails against bark Ronald Reagan only saw disco lights Aids had us in the dark
Pedro Zamora brought us light To levels undetectable We accept no more violence Our history is respectable
Vision roars to children Homophobia is the maggot I am Matthew Shephard and Brandon Teena Jesus wouldn’t call me a faggot

Can't Tell You Nothing (Louis Toliver Jr.-Swartz, LA)

Emancipation is life's big hoaxWe have language syndrome  Art not imitating real folks  Terrorists live in our home 
Splitting like Norman Bates  Father is tearing me apart  He says, "I will steal all fates." Manipulation is very smart 
"Unified traitors have won!" The Statue of Liberty shouted The moon has a gossip gun Earth's gay lover is outed

Sincerely George: A Graduate Student's Plea.... (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Sincerely George: A Graduate Student's Plea for a More Meaningful and Better Paying Education System
By Louis Toliver Jr
All I, George, ever wanted was an education, but I never knew that it would be, metaphorically, like being a sex slave. Up until this particular day when I was teaching for my daily survival, I had been a pretty obedient boy. I just constantly allowed myself to be raped and raped and raped emotionally, sometimes physically for an “A.”My motto was: Let the good times roll. They rolled. “Hello professor, how would you like me to bend over your desk and perform the Kama Sutra before you sign this form for me? Four times it is!” I spent so much time being nice to others. I was always beating some old lady to a parking spot; and, ultimately, feeling bad and letting her have it, going to the pay lot across the street instead for twenty bucks.That’s two weeks of food at Wendy’s. And, I was fucking poor. So here’s the point. I walked in to the classroom for some reason, t…

No Poetry Next April

Backstabbers (Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Ugh, don’t you just hate it? You’re looking for a place to sit The plastic, mean girls are looking Watching what kinda style you’re cooking
Those shady mean boys, I mean girls Whispering about you clutching their pearls They invite you over; you sit down getting a hug You think they are your friends all snug
Then, wait a second, your back feels weird All of your trust issues are smeared You touch your back, now a wound Blood is dripping, now you’re doomed
Those bloody backstabbers Those greedy moneygrabbers Now get revenge, kiss them on the cheek You’re wounds will heal but their lives will be bleak

Oh Freedom (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

Oh Freedom over me i feel it in my bones "before i'll be a slave i'll be buried in my grave" these words i heard as a child shaped me i didn't believe anyone deserved to be treated as less than i found it ridiculous that we had to fight to free women, then blacks, and now gays created equal isn't that what we are told? but not what we see practiced freedom it's something we all deserve as children of God fuck the mockers the bullies the preachy folk until you have had to march for your rights you do not recognize how important to you they are how essential they are how much you will sacrifice for them how far you will go to achieve them our nation has a very dark history that needs to be shined some light upon we killed off the people that rightfully owned this land we imported people that we declared had no worth to work as slaves to feed the greed of our growth a war divided us a war still divides us so much of it is lies but like a dog i will not eat the vomit that i've p…

Crazy in Love (Louis Toliver Jr.-Monroe, LA)

You don't love me anymore
All your lies I've picked apart  Can't leave me for any whore  Blood pouring from my heart
Like Kathy Bates in Misery Let the goddamn pain flow  He doesn't know our history  I'm sorry but I can't let you go 
Got you handcuffed, my theft  Your screams to leave are hazy  I won't be left, I can't be left  I'm crazy in love, I'm crazy 
No one will ever, ever find us  No one will come between us 

The Fall of Satan (Hate) (R.E.)-(Louis Toliver Jr-Monroe, LA)

Finally! I had Satan right where I wanted him He thought he knew darkness I drove my car so far into hell We drove past places, I knew, He had never been I was taking him to the hell Inside of Hell His hell
I opened the trunk There he was tied up Duct tape over his mouth Mumbling like a little bitch “Hello! Friend!” I said with a smirk “Not so fun being a victim, is it?” I grabbed him By his hair, dragging, His ass onto the hot ground
I removed the duct tape “Let me go, you fool!” The devil’s breath reeked Bullshit stew, I reckoned “You’ll never get out of here! You’re one of us,” he spit acid It missed me, I expected it I punched him the face “Oh yes, I will,” I laughed
“I've got the key,” I waved it in his face It glistened, ivory, divine We were at a large fire pit A ring of fire, black center “Let me go!” the devil screamed He knew it was his end He no longer had power Over me
“My army will come for you,” the devil’s fear was pathetic “I was the general of your army. I am t…