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Forgive Me Father and Mother (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Forgive me Father for I have a sin I can’t seem to put down my pen I feel the need to tell where I’ve been I know more now than I knew then
You have been so good to me, Lord My precious time, I no longer hoard
Forgive me Mother for I have a sin I can’t help but care about my kin Against evil, one day I hope we win Please don’t let us fall down again
You have been so good to me, Lord Don’t cut away your umbilical cord

Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I have made my bed but others choose to lay in it and take my life.
What happens when I have no more love to give? Love me.
I am pained by living because my happiness comes with the cost of my voice.
How can I cope? Love me? You don’t want to love me.
Who would ever have thought 2 letters would be so easy to define me.
Love me? How could you? You don’t know me.

Alpha Male (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Calling all alpha males…where ya’ll at? Don’t worry it’s my turn….I’m up to bat
There’s work to do….before we get to fun We gotta game to win…need to hit a home run
If my precious sons and daughters are starving I’ll feed them with this grand slam I’m carving
I will blast this ball out of the park for my own Then dance around those bases to my throne
If you’re in my way, watch the dirt you exhale You won’t forget I’m a ‘bout it alpha male

Love Should Come Easy (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

There I was with the man I loved and I was afraid to hold his hand in public. Here I was with the man I loved and I cared too much of what others thought to love him the right way. I am a cold bitch of a man.
“It’s chilly outside,” he said to me. We were walking down the street with our dogs in his, well, our neighborhood now. I had just moved in with him. Middle-class living. Nothing special. Some houses matched, most didn’t. We weren’t really paying attention to our neighbors, but we cared about what they thought. Well, at least I did. He tried to grab hold of my hand, but I brushed it away. “Okay then,” I could hear the rejection in his voice. I made him feel rejected.
“We can wait until we get home,” I sped up a little. We were no longer waking side by side.
“What’s happening? You seem different since you moved in with me,” he sped up to me. “Why don’t you want to hold my hand?”
“I don’t know. What does it matter? Why do I have to hold your hand…now?” I couldn’t look him in the …

I Feel A Fire In My Hands (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

you see this boy in front of you
and i say boy because i believe i still am
i'm growing
i'm a slow bloomer
but it's coming to life
i felt wronged by my childhood
i felt that life isn't fair
i wore the victim hat
but something shifted
and i've met people who had fathers who abused them
and i felt lucky
i felt that not having my dad was in a way a gift
it inspired me to write and paint and draw
i looked for many ways to fill the hole in my life
i don't feel like the others around me
i feel different
i'm oversensitive to things
i wear my heart on my sleeve
but you have to look past the exterior to see it
but i feel it all crumbling
i get a change weekly to stand in front of an audience and share my writings
share my feelings
i get to feel an exchange of energy
a connection
and i also get to hear what others have gone through
and it makes me realize that we are all surviving this life
and that happiness is not something to obtain
happiness is something that we construct o…

Thank You for Being a Friend (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Thank you for sticking by me Letting me grow into who I am to be
Thank you for love instead of hate When I needed you, you were never late
Thank you for encouraging my heart Trusting that we wouldn’t ever be apart
Thank you for being a friend, I do mean it Without you in my life, I wouldn’t be fit
Thank you for understanding my vision Not letting us fall into the hands of division

My Rock (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

You are my rock, my man You made me see my light Through darkness
You taught me to stand strong You gave me oxygen to breath My everything
You are firm in your beliefs You are my spirituality fulfilled God knows us
You are my dreams, my hopes You give me life in the future Destiny unfolds

Was Made For This (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

you're not angel baby as you pin me to the bed this love explodes fireworks bite marks claw marks primal yet sweet and there's a little of last night left on these sheets i'm no angel either there are no angels in love we've all been on our knees and not to pray we've all had that taste of love in our mouths it's why we chase it every chance we get so if i cook this meal for you naked will you taste the lust i pour into it? we have chemistry we have a recipe that works straight up fucking then love making sinner and saint your kisses fall on my lips i feel your breath i can smell you i hear your heartbeat beneath your chest feel the hair of our bodies rubbing and i'm not ashamed i'm not sorry no sorrows no regrets i was made for this

Shooting Star: My Astral Body (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

alone in a crowd a stranger i don't belong i gaze up at the stars and they feel like home wrap myself in them to remind me that where i am is just temporary travel through this life like a shooting star not sure where i belong so i just keep moving on and on and on and on the points of light in the sky guide me a black night blankets the earth around me but the stars provide hope they twinkle through the vast black sky and as i move through the crowds i feel like i'm moving through thick liquid time drags until i am outside again fixed on the night stars shining down brightly maybe my home is with them astral bodies i've written my own constellation on my body my astral body covered with stars until i can be with them

Pressing Charges (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I scream “I’m press----ing charg-es!”
Busting out t-shirts that are larg-es

Abusing-me, using-me, confusing-me
Straight-up-consuming me—e—e

I scream “I’m press----ing charg-es!”
I float to you like I’m on barg-es

Hugg-ing you, touch-ing you, my lov-ing you
Down-right just trusting you—u--u

I scream “I’m press----ing charg-es!”
Open up and let me be your sarge--yes

Louisiana Words: Dennis Ward!

I Am Your Shooting Star (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I am your shooting star
Wish your dreams upon my body From my soul your dreams shall come true
When I look into your eyes The strength of light You give unto me
Let’s fly through the universe The galaxy awaits Our love fuels life itself Let’s dance between comets
Our bond goes beyond our solar system Hold onto me tightly To the human eye we will only last seconds But we are both shooting stars And we will never stop shining

The Shell Eroded (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

surrendering to how i feel it's real i feel so small in a world so big my whispers sometimes louder than my screams and when it's thundering rain it fades away the pieces of myself falling away until all that's left is my core the shell eroded the baggage i carried became too heavy for me to continue with so i left it where it belonged buried in my past and when i close my eyes i feel that i'll be alright to His words i hold on tight i struggled and i fought until i didn't and it got easier my insecurities are lessening lessons lay before me no longer living my life by what you expect respect for myself for my faith belief in the journey and i dance more freely through it all now opinions fall before they damage me took a long time to reach this point no more wasteful living i'm giving it all up elimination clearing my mind cleansing my body renewing my spirit

Strength from a Friend (Jason M Smith-Lafayette, LA)

We look for love in the wrong place
Why do we turn to some strangers face?
It could be there right in front of you
Are we just scared of what we might do?
Passing by without seeing the compassion
Is that’s what is today’s fashion?
I don’t understand why we fear so much
Are we afraid of another humans touch?
I know how you feel with life’s little plan
That’s why I am here to lend you my hand.
Don’t be afraid of where our friendship will lead
That’s why I wish you were closer to me.
I understand that we are friends till the end
So don’t blow me away just like the wind.
I am here with you to just have fun
Just like the moon needs the sun.
Please don’t think this is presumptuous of me
I know you are a kindred spirit that has to be free.
Whenever you feel lonely and depressed
I will always be there to help you rest.

Why this? (Elizabeth Jenkins-New Orleans-LA)

It seems to me so strange this day
To sit right here and think this woe
My love she packs her bags to leave
Coming soon she'll be with me
Yet she sobs and feels such wretched pain
I see her cry from so far away
Yet nothing do I have nor do but wait
Come to me my precious love
Our pain is not for joyous reunion near
But for time astill must be lost
Preparing for the final trek
Before I hold her near to me
I'll hold her close and hold her hard
At last together so we'll be
Ne'er to render apart our hearts
Forever be united one - forever be united one

You Are My Light ( Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

You are the candle that lights my way,
You are the one who tells me to stay.

When I am lost and full of doubt,
You are the one who helps me out.

When I think I have nothing left and am at my end,
You are the one who shows me you are my best friend.

I love you darling with all my heart,
You tell me that was where we got our start.

I need you baby to be my light,
You tell me everything will be alright.

You stay with me through thick and thin,
That’s why I know we will be together till the end.

To you I have given my heart and soul,
Because us together makes me whole.

I will love you till the end of time,
You tell me you love me and that you are mine.

So when it is dark and I can not see,
You are the light that is with me.

Stars (by James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

the stars above feel like home
as they sparkle in this crisp Colorado night
tiny pins of light
in a blanket of cobalt and black sky
promises that darkness never wins
like diamonds
reflecting the light they contain
and i look up in awe
and i blow my wishes into the wind
hanging on stars
counting them
watching their twinkle
my soul is full of stars
my arms
my neck
stars etched into my skin

Special Angel (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

This is a special angel
As you can see
The reason it's so special
It's just for you from me.

When you feel lonely
Or feeling blue
Just hold this angel
And you'll know I’m thinking of you.

So keep this angel with you
And remember the joys we have shared
And remember it’s a symbol
Of a loving one that cares.

What is Love? (Brent Bourque-Loureauville, LA)

Never knowing what comes before
Always knowing what comes after
Not following threw
But always wanting something new
Making a difference
Making war
Not knowing what we are fighting for
What are we fighting for?
For the love of god
For the love of religion
For the love of country
For the love of power
Or just the love of war

Love is a filled thing
It is gentle yet so harsh
It is confusing yet so simple
It is hated ye so adored

Love can turn the coldest heart into an inferno
It tears families apart
Or brings them closer together
We crave it
We need it
From birth we seek it out
Like a moth to a flame
It has the power to destroy us
But we keep being drawn to into it
What is Love but passion?
Unfiltered it is what we want
Uncensored it is what we need
It drives creativity

Colorado: The Western Sky (Home) (by James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

the Western sky
it calls me into it
to float above the earth
and see more clearly
he comes to me in my dreams
and tells me what i need to know
guides me to the Light i'm supposed to know
inspired by the awe that i feel
gotta make my way through the night
hanging on with all of my might
when i'm lost and can't find my way
i feel the pieces falling away
the sky around me explodes into pinks and oranges
the stars illuminate my way
and it feels like i just got home
it twists my body into movements i didn't know i had
ignites my bones
fills me with life
as i dance across this sky
i leave trails of stars behind me
i want to fall into His arms tonight
the feeling that it'll be alright
i surrender
it's a long way home
and for the first time i don't feel so alone

Boulders (by James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

we are all like boulders
clinging to side of a mountain
exposed to the elements
hoping to not be rolled down
out of control
into a resting place below
praying that the ground
doesn't give way beneath us
sending us tumbling
we are all part of the mountain
little pieces of its evolution
proof that it had a past life
mineral makeup
time has formed each of us
there is a peace in knowing
that even if we slide off the mountain
and come to rest in the valley
that we are still connected to it
that we can stand on our own
if there is God in these mountains
then we are all part of Him
the sum of us making the whole
awe inspiring mountain
peaks up high
valleys below
tremendous glory