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I Am. The Hurricane. (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Welcome to Nature.
Don’t run. 
Don’t be scared. 
Let me pull you inside my eye. Want to see how my life looks from pilot’s view?
The Eye:
I am the atmosphere's best tool for transporting heat/thermal energy. So, don't be fooled. I don't act with a cold heart. At the core, my energy is focused & calm. I am cyclical and with the right water source, I can strengthen, even when I appear to be weakening.
The sky is clear, and the winds are just light breezes. Though, we are surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather occurs. My direct impact.

Category 1: Family & Friends

I am full of life. Life is like the wind. It’s blows in many directions. I choose to live my life like the wind. So, dear family an…

He Is (Joshua Boudreaux - Abbeville, LA)

He's worth every penny,
He's more than advertised.
This is what you call a man,
He's more than meets the eye.

Life has taught him well,
He leads by example.
He's the light from the flame,
That burns on a candle.

He's the craving that you need,
Whenever you have a sweet tooth.
He's the honesty that you want,
When others fail to speak the truth.

He's a plush teddy bear,
When you're in need of comfort.
He's food for you soul,
Whenever you need loving.

He's the flash on you camera,
Whenever a selfie is in order.
He's the knight on a horse,
Dressed in shiny armor.

He's the air in your lungs,
When you take a deep breath.
He's the lub dub that you hear,
From the beating in you chest.

He's that sensation in your body,
Whenever you feel pleasure.
He's one in a million,
Like finding buried treasure.

He's your everything,
I hope you see it everyday.
Beat the drums and sound the trumpets,
Not just on Father's Day.

Louisiana Boy: Part 1 (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

Waking up in my bed in Swartz. Gotta check the mail. Don’t need no shorts.  Yes, I can read. Don’t throw no shade. Me and friends, we got it made.
I might not rhyme all the time. 
But I got sense and I got country.
I got soul because I’m Louisiana Boy. 
My parents are at work. Gonna skip school!
Eric’s in Start. Jake’s in Rayville,  then gotta get Susie south in Mangham. We gonna cruise the mall in Monroe.  Got a pair shades, we feel like stars.
Susie’s got a secret, a Black boy in Richwood. Jake’s not too happy ‘bout “kissing a nigger.” But, I don’t care my momma raised me right. I wiped Susie’s tears and said, “Let’s pick him up!”
We picked up Jerome. Jake sat in the back. Susie was happy and Eric was just Eric. “Let’s got to Shreveport!” Eric shouted. “Hell yeah!” we replied, except Jake, you know why.
Oh shit! Just got a call from my cousin in Eunice. Says there trouble a brewing at a festival.  Not sure what to do I’m over 3 hours away!  Better rally the squad and get a plan ...

(Part 2 coming soon)

On My Way Home (Louis Toliver Jr. - Swartz, LA)

I had a rough night. I don’t have a friend nor family in sight. I’m driving home, tank almost empty. I feeling pretty low, but I’m a little high. I come behind an ambulance, a woman is on a stretcher inside. She looks like she is barely holding on. Oxygen mask. Low breathing. Paramedics in panic. My heart cries for her and envies her. Tonight, one of us is going to hell and one of is not. I should have just driven around the ambulance, it was a four-lane. But, I just wanted to cruise behind at speed that pulled along like an umbilical cord. Attached. Because, in that moment me and that woman, both, were on our way home.

The Dirty Verlan (Blake Bumpus - Lafayette, LA)

Long being I challenged Evain Oubaali to a fight and long before airplanes would drop bombs upon the city I wandered around the Catacombs.

You see, the oldest parts of GĂ©vaudan are built
upon stones and bones. A web of unlit tunnels used by fellow thieves and
where other criminals would gather to sell loot
or their bodies
or call gambles
or deal weapons and drugs.
To these GĂ©vaudians
my accent marked me as a dirty Verlan,
a bastard from one of the colonies.
I knew I could be a great painter one day
but I knew I would never be one of them.

My accent would eventually ease a bit
but at the time I would steal their clothes and
dance with them in their masquerades,
saying little and picking out my marks for future burglaries.

The Verge (Faerie - Lafayette, LA)

Closeness A bleeding need Presence A character seed Constance A pondering lead

I want to bring it to the edge, Take it to the last step; I’d like to blow it off the ledge, Push it out far beyond; I need to watch it all go down, Stare as promises collide.

Fearless A taste of iron Groundless A revolting siron Senseless A destined rerun

Flawless Imperfection (Avery Richard - Monroe, LA)

Why do I find myself here again?  I have an idea of why but scared to admit it.  I’ve been suppressing it for years.  Now that other things have built up, it isn’t as easy to shove deep below the surface.  I feel myself careening out of control, spiraling toward the depth that may not be overcome.  My substance abuse has gotten to a point that recognizing myself is getting more and more difficult.  Changing ways of administration has contributed, if not propelled, this descent.  I try my best not to face things that are difficult emotionally.  I know I’m avoidant…it is something I hate to admit.  There’s been things lately that have piled up…everything with mama, Mary moving out,  the lease here coming to an end, Mawmaw’s health…it all has become too much to deal with so I don’t deal with it and instead cover the pain with my addiction.  I guess I should touch on each of the situations…
First and one of the hardest things for me is that I have no mother anymore.  Mama has …

Pieces of Sasha Massey: #3 (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

Spoke to an older woman active in music who very much loves my singing. She told me people aren't respectful or better just because society is integrated by law. She recalled a time when a man ate the same food as her family, but he wasn't allowed/asked inside for dinner. She wanted to and had to go sit outside with him. She would take food to John [not saying his name] the nigger and they would sing songs together. The word wasn't disrespectful to her family, but he worked with them and he was black had to sit outside. Past the indoctrinated racism, she shared music with him. She loved him for the memories and for who he was. Much like how people love my singing but don't feel the need to define me as black. Art and music have a transcendent quality that helps remind people they are all the same. Souls within bodies that only reproduce cells enough to remain alive for what ends up being a VERY short time. Elevation and negation of race are somehow linked in our societ…

The Ultimate Crime (Faerie-Lafayette, LA)

My heart remains engulfed with pain. The happiness and strength I once held Suddenly became a shower of acid rain. So many years I cried and yelled Hoping someone would rescue me, But too scared to let anyone get close And I wondered if I would ever be set free Of the pain that was making me comatose. It seemed death was the only way out Since every other direction had failed. This can’t be what life is all about, I hope that someday I’ll get bailed. My self esteem runs so low That all I can think of is taking my own life; ‘Cause the pain gets in my blood and starts to flow Until I feel I can no longer deal with the strife. This is the pain that makes it hard to fight But still I’m searching for my time. The day I’ll finally see the light Having not committed the ultimate crime.

Pieces Of Sasha Massey: #2 (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

There's times when I feel like I have to use my boyfriend, a tall blonde white guy, as a passport in this world. A shield. What pisses me off is I'm working doing, literally doing ALL THE WORKING but don't get respected as such by this. Like our friend's idiot neighbor, with the Confederate flag on their porch talking mess about me visiting, complaining only the times I came without my boyfriend after 2 years. Why do stupid people out number smart people? Why is Jim Crow law coming back? Why is my money and my voice being ignored? Light skin is no protection like institutionalized white fear.”

Sweet Summertime (Brandon Louis Granger - Parks, LA)

The warmth of your touch ignited my senses as I sat on the sandy shore glancing at the vastness of the ocean.
I wondered, what direction would this encounter lead? I love the mysteries that life gives us, keeping us enriched with endless possibilities.
Lost in the mystery, I felt the gushing wave of the ocean surround me I was embraced by the sweet essence of summertime
Hot and cold, mix all into one; it was like crying from emotional bliss
I wasn't expecting to be caught off guard by this chance encounter But I am thankful for experiencing the delight that comes with sweet summertime.

Waves (James Leland Ludeau - Lafayete, LA)

Ride the waves, boy
Come swim in my ocean
The waters are warm
So blue
So blue
Rock me
Rock you
All full of your emotions
Further from the shore than you’ve ever been
Drown in the depth of me
Allow me to consume you
Our love is a shoreless ocean
Adrift in the current
Fury on the surface
Calm beneath
My waves with their little white hands
Dance across you
Playing in your hair with a gentle breeze
Wrapping you up in my intoxicating sweetness
All the while hiding the storm
Fall for my sparkling surface
Beware of the unknowns that rest in my depths
Our love is like the ocean
But you are just the sand

Pieces of Sasha Massey: #1 (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

A car ride with my man, whew... There will be times when you are convinced that your significant other is the most annoying, needy, whiny...Listen, nevermind about that. If you need confirmation that this particular human is your downfall or not, study the situation as pragmatically as possible first. Do their bills get piled onto yours? Are they adding or taking away from how you live and thrive professionally? Would your work and home life be easier without them? At what frequency daily, do you wish you could slap them with a frying pan, leaving a greasy ring in the face? (That's an extra credit one) Enough answers in one direction will present you with walking papers to hand off or a new way to not just function but live and thrive as a unit. Your careers and home life need to flow even if it means you'll be traveling extensively. Fidelity is powerful especially for those who seek their bookend in life. I'm just a mermaid on land. Always getting in too deep and kicking …

The Optimistic Candle (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

Knifed in the back countless times. I still get up everyday. I face what is wrong with this screwed up world, making things right, shining a little light.I refuse to live in fear.I choose to live in love.Through the darkness of humanity, I am an optimistic candle.Sometimes, when I am laying alone at night in my bed I reach behind my back and I am shocked to find my blood on my hands and the pain that goes along with it.If stab wounds were truth, I’d be dead by now.However, that ‘truth’ is just a lie because it is caused by fear.I am an optimistic candle and if I must bleed to death then I shall do it.
Have you ever been in a dark room during a storm and the lights go out? How relieved are we when we get a candle lit and it brings light to our eyes? But have you ever used one candle to light other candles and the light grows?The room seems safe because the shadows disappear and the door is visible.It takes just one candle to light a room, how many candles to light a city? I’m not reall…