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The Battlefield (Brandon Louis Granger - Parks, LA)

Like a soldier I head out onto the battlefield. 
Fighting for justice and equality I stand amongst those who were discarded by the masses. 
Our country is filled with corruption and hatred for each other. 
Yet, knowing this, I journey out into the battlefield equipped with love and a passion to help those cast aside. 
Who will stand with me to speak for those discriminated against? Who will fight for the freedom to be yourself? Who will stand up against the norm as defined by conservative America? Will you? 
This battle won’t be fought with an Assault rifle, though many children have bled and died because the conservative norm allows it. 
Our weapons are our voice. We must prevail in leading the discussion. For we all bleed the same color and we all want the same for our family and friends. 
Today’s American dream is the hope for love, respect, and prosperity. 
Let’s all march onto the battlefield and win this battle with love.


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