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Diary of a lost, twenty-something college graduate.....Part 3 (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, LA)

Little fish. Big pond. And all one wants to do is touch the boat. The only thing we have no clue about. Human nature at its finest. And then the adventure begins. Embrace the crazy. Love the unknown. And learn. For it was all worth nothing if you didn't learn. And when you only have sparring memories that come and go, waiting for the pearly gates, you'll realize one of two things. You made the only morbid thing we are given in this world the only thing worth living. And you screwed it all up. But who cares anyway, no one gets out alive.....

I'm Poetry In Motion (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

i'm a dobberman pinch yourself i won't go away and you can't believe i grieve for you once you fuck with me see i'll bite your ass clean in half the aftermath so strong you can't fathom like a madame surrounded by whores i lure you into my web ebb and flow you can blow me into oblivion do it better than your mom til your cheeks collapse relapse into your old ways plays on your soul like a song so fucking wrong for one another we smother any chance that this might work dragging our dicks through the dirt ignoring the signs on the road my flow so cold my rhyme so bold it's hatred we've dated getting by with our wicked ways days on days i put my two dimes and nickel in and i came to get my quarter back attack your ass a villain with a cape leaping the Empire State i'm serving hate like a buffet eat til your full like wool i'll make you feel warm change form then storm your life like a knife a stabbing ache you'll take my pain and i gain a smile ac…

Diary of a lost, twenty-something college graduate.....Part 2 (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, LA)

That unwanted touch never felt so good. For the pain of the game is only for the love of playing. And just as Romeo pursed his lips to drink to his inevitable death, something clicks in every tenth graders head. This isn't true love. This is passionate lust from the minds of hormonal, trust fund kids that is only for mere attention. But what is the point?? Shakespeare, why thou writeth this tragedy?? To remind civilization that we only want what we can't have, or better yet, what we are told is bad for us. Cause where is the fun in living, if we are gonna die anyway??

Pussies Can't Prowl In A Lion's Skin (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

i see you aiming at my pedestal while you try to fool me with your kisses so i bite your tongue off and spit it out your filth won't trap me i'll climb back up where i belong you drug me down momentarily i'm too hard to give in too strong not to win so i'll begin again without you much better off than before and while you get your cry on i'll be getting my fly on you could have never filled my shoes pussies can't prowl in a lion's skin

Diary of a lost, twenty-something college graduate.....Part 1 (Adam John Schexnayder - Crowley, LA)

Why do I feel pg13 in a rated R world?? Who made this self-deprecating, loner laying in his bed on a Saturday night?? For the answers are lost just as my mind races to the start. And the slight, smug smile that comes to my lips is not from you. It's from me. Of how I felt, which, by definition, has nothing to do with you. And as the battery on my netflixing iPad dies, I'm painfully reminded of one thing: if I don't experience the world, I'll only write what I read. And who needs another mind numbing saga, when you can have glitter??

Bloody Mary (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

like Mary your leaving left my arms empty trendy to feel empty inside like you might die you broke my sacred heart into pieces last of my species alone covered in your blood a flood of tears staining my cheek bleakness set in no rest for the weary teary eyed surprised that i had a well of emotion my devotion to you had no limit prohibited anything said in vain of you you were my religion like a homing pigeon coming back to you again and again offering up my sin my longing for you my loving for you left me covered in the blood left by the way you were treated not defeated you rose drove the darkness into light fought the good fight and i hope and i pray that you come back to me some day

The Religion of Prozac (Adam John Schexnayder-Crowley, LA)

In a generation of medicated existence, one forgets to have your own opinion. By granting an exit to 90% of the population who idiotically believe that mind altering drugs will save your life, Prozac has replaced Jesus Henry Christ. Somewhere between World War II and the fight for Equal Rights, the world has lost the ability to mind it's own business. When the allocation of worries became somewhere in between Santa Claus and your neighbor, everyone forgot to be a little selfish in it's endeavors to better things. If we just took the time to realize that minding your own business is the lost commandment that should have equaled eleven. For Prozac fuels indifference to the point of self righteous pursuits of "the greater good." The world could be a slightly better place if we capitalistically sold people their own thought process in a bottle rather than indulging them into the unrealistic notion that it takes two to tango and threes a crowd. And the only place we will …

Community (Brent P. Bourque-Loreauville, LA)

When the darkness comes to light Creatures of gossip take flight In a community so small Some decide to share it all Between the sheets Then in the streets Respect is expensive Yet words come Cheap With knives flying and backs turned I think I feel my ears start to burn Once a whisper becomes a roar I’ll start heading towards the door With the chatter that goes on Hatred is spawned This rainbow we paint is not black and white but made of many colors that burn bright Elders fought a war they have brought us far Many battles won This war is not done We fight for equality But what we need is humility The ability to take the blows that are given and show that we are not afraid to fight for what is right in our world and show unity on all fronts For when we deceive and chastise each other We show that we are exactly what they think we are Playing to the stereo types We should be trying to take flight To soar above And go with love Take up your swords of whit your shields of humor And lets no…

A Storm Coming (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

there's a storm coming that the weatherman couldn't predict shoulda just sucked my dick one last time to cover your crime but i found out what you're about how fucking irritated am i? enough i wish you'd just die i'd like to bash your face with a bat i'd get off on that crush your bones tear down your thrones that you sit up on in your head set fire to your bed and watch you burn yearn for a way out shout for help that would never come the wicked deed done bury your ashes in a pile of shit and sit and laugh at your demise your cries on a loop in my head dead hock a loogie and pay my tribute to you through with that part of my life hearing your voice became like a knife in my windpipe until i was ripe with hate too great to suppress put you to rest to shut you up cupped my hands over your mouth to stop your absurd word it'd be whack if i wasn't the baddest not the saddest in the least bit for ending your shit

Why Does It Hurt? (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Why does love have to be so hard, I want to be honest but it must not be in the cards. I thought you and I felt a connection, Was it just a flitting affection? Did you mean it when you said you had fallen, Or was that just a mistaken calling? Did I mess up any chance for us, Was I hoping for to much? I guess I must face the pain, I must have been too vain. I hope that we can still be friends, Keep in touch until the end. Don’t think I would take you for granted, Even though my life is frantic. I was hoping to be your love, To see you light the heavens above. I will be here as your friend or mate, I do see you in my life because it is my fate.

You'll Never Ssshhh Me (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

one more time if you push me you'll never ssshhh me i will get up in your face violate your space stick my dick in your life and fuck the shit apart too smart to fall prey to what you say you ignorant slut with your worn out butt don't even recall your own lies sipping on your chai's trying to dry your eyes you hated facing the truth would rather lose your tooth didn't need a fist to strike your face my words fell like mace blinding your lying ass no sass from you to cover your shit so get on gone i'll teach you to appreciate me differentiate me from the suckers you're used to fuckers who do what you say caught you up the rapture before i slapped ya so dumb you don't even know what's hit you choo choo like a train i'll run over your life my cargo? strife make you miserable as you can be what a visual the criminal needs a miracle satirical yeah that's funny as fuck so cluck cluck like the chicken pussy punk you are and run away superstar sell yo…

There You Were (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

I wasn't looking for someone new, but there you were, out of the blue.

You were so silly, clever, and smart, you had my heart right from the start.

You were so charming, kind, and sweet, than you swept me off my feet.

You were so wonderful, so great, I was sure that I owed it all to fate.

I knew that I would soon be going away, but I pretended there wasn't such a day.

Saying goodbye to you was torment, hoping that our time together wasn't just a fleeting moment.

Now distance keeps you from my sight, but I can still see your face when I close my eyes at night.

On the phone you know just what to say, the sound of your voice takes my breath away.

I long for your touch, I crave your kiss,  there are so many things that I miss.

Fish Food (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

i've done nothing less than give you perfectness you took me for granted like granite i'm hard as fuck you're stuck without a place to run from my gun break your jaw get the scissors and saws cover my tracks slip you into sacks feed your ass to the sharks no more sparks nothing to save us from destruction it's over and done dump you over the side of the boat like Dexter no protector to save your ass this is the last time you'll break my heart i chopped you apart fish food chewed then pooed sank to the bottom of the ocean over my fucked up emotions the end of our love no doves flying no peace cease to be no more we it's i who carries on you're gone and as i look at the beautiful blue water i almost forget the slaughter and maybe the smile on my face is inappropriate no opiate could hide the pain we felt so i dealt with the way i saw fit no fixing shit

The Ham of Instagram (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

You laid in my bed fucked with my head while giving me head sold your lies and spread your thighs like they were something special basic almost convinced me that lust was love no love none lost none found i stand on solid ground while you snap cheap shots in the mirror your lies grow bigger exposed it shows your cheapness your meekness you took what i'd give just to live a life you could not earn on your own go on get the fuck out this is not what love's about you trying to turn twinks' heads posing in pics wearing my undies in my bed cheap whore there's a store where you can buy your own shit with a job if you can get someone to hire your thug ass no class but i'm rising never hiding i'll show my mistakes i'll take one on the chin to win to show the world that you're basic trainwreck a spiraling downward skank i'll shank you bitch if you don't leave my shit alone i've grown tired of the 21 games such shame you thought you were playing me in…

Wormhole (Annette Redmond Walters-Lafayette, LA)

Trapped in a wormhole that keeps replaying , like the music in my head, I can feel it repeating every time but can’t pause the show or the spinning in my mind. I live on a physical world and with it comes a physical pain, a pain too great to keep me moving down here yet not strong enough to keep me from that spiritual plane, the one that leads directly to you. I cannot always see you, hear you, touch you, but I know you are there and you are real. I’ve felt you fill me before, a glimpse of true life, true love with no anger, sadness, or worry and most of all no pain. I step among the fallen and I suffer because I am just like them – broken, beaten, and too far from your touch so that my fingers keep slipping through your hands and I feel myself sliding down, down into replay mode but I just call to you and I know, I know you are right there and holding me patiently through it all. Lucky me. What I wouldn’t give to be in sync with you, full of love, of joy and giving it to all who ask…

Never Leave Me (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Oh God, I hope you never leave me Oh woe is me, I am on my knee My heart smashed on the floor My body now just a whore
Where do I go from here? This is everything I fear My life was in your hands Your body, the earth demands
Is this all I have left? Our lives just a theft I must admit I’m depressed Please don’t get distressed
Just my feelings if I lost you Cause we’re understood by few

The Bayou Negro Lay (James Earl Anthony- New Orleans, LA)

Lay me down sweet Nola Negro man; The touch of your brittle barred hand

Scraped across my fair pasty body; A kiss from your almond delight lips

A spark from my plump red lips, On the bayou we lay in secret

You on top, I on bottom

Strong ox arms with no secret wonder

You built many a house with those barred hands; Legs fast as the rising cheetah awaking for Africa

Hair crisp as the night sunset, Slick as the warmest treasure

Golden eyes burdened with soulless creation, love for me

A backbone scarred with sacred whips from hell

Voice of a triumphant African king; Hold me close my Nola Negro man

Let me not go until the erased time Or when white man discover

Ginger and Negro lay on the bayou, time on our hands in the sweet tall grass

I on top, you on bottom

Placing your barred hands upon my hips,thrust in motion of love set aflame

For all nature to witness, love between white man, black man

The still rod of lust no more filled with a heart in souls uncompared

Fill my desire Nola Negro man

Lay me softly on…

Come What May (Jason M Smith-Lafayette, LA)

I cannot laugh without a sigh
I cannot speak without a lie
Endless moaning in the night
Warns of pain or just delight

Misuse myself in front of you
Just to get your pitty, too
Just to get your pity true
I'd kill myself in front of you

He who comes in the hour of need
Has been to late, lack of speed

I never cared about these things
They're meaningless in all it's sense
I'm just happy I can say
Come what may at the end of the day

You do not love me this must be true
Now you wonder why I am blue
I think you played me yes I do
And now my soul is black and blue

Why have you not talked to me
I don't understand can't you see
That this is torture and agony

If it is over let me know
Because I am ready to leave this show

I really do love you can’t you see
With so much pain its killing me
If you love me tell me true

Between The Bars (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette,LA)

Drink up baby, look at the stars
I'll kiss you again between the bars
Where I'm seeing you there with your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught
you taught
me about people i used to be
that i don't want around anymore
a past life
like crime
stealing the joy
from a lonely boy
and trying to figure it out
what it's all about
and why life can sometimes feel like one long night
the fight
to stay in the game
face covered in shame
drink up baby, let it go down
spin you around
in your drunken haze
feed the craze
and kiss on my lips til you're all done
and wait for the sun
to rise in the sky
up to the clouds and rest your head there
forget all your care
i can be the poison you crave
your silent grave
and you can close your eyes and rest for all time
leave behind
this life of crime

Wannabe My Lover? (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Here’s my story from A to Z
If you can’t listen
Don’t expect to get with me

I got James in this place
Who likes in your face

I got Kish and Madi
Who represent

Adam S just like s to be
He’s not easy

And …for me?
Ah… you’ll see

We just slam our words down
And win you all around

We just slam our words down
And win you all around

That’s if you want to be my lover

Like My Blues Glasses (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

don't know why your friends be lying
you're shit ain't inspiring...
i'm the motormouth
you should be worried about
jealousy in the air tonight i can tell
i will never understand it but
oh well
fucking hell
shit's about to get real
if you can't deal
i say get to side stepping
you did some fucked up shit
that one day you'll regret
and i'm gonna expose you
repose you
you need to stop for a while
a taste of my guile
your words deflected
your emotions rejected
you said "i'll take care of you"
then you do
what the fuck you want to
and i can't deny
that i relied
on you
like a fool
but my heart has taken itself back
so go shack
up with someone who is weak enough to fall prey
i don't play
you don't want the world to see how you treat others
and i'm your mirror
than you thought
smarter than you prepared for
like my blue glasses you snapped pics of yourself wearing
my love no longer belongs to you
i can't complain
still hap…

My Love Don't Cost a Thing (James Leland Ludeau III-Lafayette, LA)

you met me in a moment when i was weak and confused at first i refused but you were persistent no longer resistant i gave in to your advances took chances in love it's rare to win so full of sin your thoughts consumed me no longer free i felt like a caged bird couldn't voice my own word you cast a shadow over my being no reasoning i fought with all i had to get away saved my own damn day i was meant to shine bright cast my own light so i shed the darkness that you became and escaped your tangled game made you swallow your pride took you on a wild ride i showed you that my true strength lies in my ability to forgive i let you live when in the past others died for less than what you've done to me i set you free but i taught you that you're but a boy not your toy i'm a man with a hand in my own fate and i'm great greater than you thought i couldn't be bought you promised me a ring but like J-Lo's, my love don't cost a thing you're a fool go drool o…

Judges (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

I understand  my spirit is my life, my destiny my life is not my neighbor’s life 
I understand  I should not expect my neighbor To live up to the expectations set for my spirit
I understand  Those who judge me out of jealousy Will never meet their expectations

Normal. (Madison Elizabeth Holland-Lafayette, LA)

None of us has ever experienced what it is like to be anyone else, To be inside their heads, thinking others' thoughts, Which leaves me with the puzzling question of how "normal" came to be. I realize it must be based on general patterns of behavior But all behavior stems from thought That is translated to action So did one person come up with this "normal" thing And then the followers latched onto his dogma Now, today, this is what we deem acceptable? Well. As for me, I don't believe in following. I glory in the fact that no one on this planet, In this universe, In all of space and time, No one thinks or feels exactly like me. I am unique. From the way I stir my coffee To the way I make love From the way I dance in my underwear To the way I hear music From the way I kiss To the way I process my surroundings No one is me. No one will ever be me, ever again. I live life accordingly, celebrating me Because the world will never be the same Once I leave it…

Master Please (Jason Smith-Lafayette, LA)

Master please don’t cry for me, I am happy, healthy & running free.
We will be together again, Then we can pick up as best of friends.
I know you grieve for my loss, I know the toll of your emotional cost.
In the time that will pass, I will be waiting, playing in the grass.
When your time has come to be here, I will see you no matter how far or near.
I will run to you to be in your arms, To show you my love with all of it’s charm.
Together forever as time does go on, We will play as we watch for the new dawn.
Then when we cross thought those pearly gates, To be in heaven were there is no hate.
Friend and master are one again, This time forever love & loyalty without end.