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the games we play (Cullen Mury - Lafayette, LA)

a dedication to mental hospitals

is it all a game?
a game that we play
as we weep through the isolation?
as we lie in the loneliness
as are eyes scream with fear
with cries of longing for a helping
comforting voice to touch our ears

a game
a game of
accepting the threats
accepting the threats of destruction
to our hearts we came to mend
not to place a bandage over
its a game
a game we play
cause without the game
theres no way out
theres no way to "recovery"
no way to normality
no way to what we see
as happiness
for it does not lie here
but in the substantial beings
of the mind
its there
you can't see it
no matter what you can't see it
because its not there
you see it


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