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The Circle Turns (Madison Elizabeth Holland - Lafayette, LA)

candles in half circle
leaves underfoot
incense burns and wafts above
night sky looks downward, casts light of star and shadow of moon
shed clothes lay crumpled in dark grass
skin gleams and glows in light of candle and smoke of incense
blessing sage drifts and billows around tapers
music entwines with heart and soul and dancing feet
bare body leaps and twirls and pushes through the darkness
alive floral scarves float and twist and dance around the limbs
running ever sunwise, ever gathering, ever drumming
energy washes over sense and time and spirit
air fire water earth
together, grounded, connected, enmeshed
feet pound through nature's floor and hands rise towards goddess skies
heart opens to raised flowing energies
words spit of devotion and peace and healing
lips adulate the oneness of all
inner flower unfolds to receive blessings of goddess
all this is for good
all this is for peace
all this is for well-being
As Above, So Below
Blessed Mote We Be


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