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Wicked (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Beware the wicked
Their ways are sick-ed
Sucking up all of our dreams
Trying to be our friends, it seems
Whispers infecting our ears
Playing with our fears
They throw poison in our eyes
All the countless whys
We scream for light in their hands
Losing future voices of our hands
The pained children of the past
I wish their lives hadn’t gone too fast
Beware the wicked
Their ways are sick-ed
Let love ensure our matured best
Choosing to reject their hate fest


  1. This is very touching. So Manny folks ignore the "hate train" unaware that there thoughts are drawn away from improving the situations in there own lives to venting there energy into the victim of the moment. The ring leader shrouds them self in rhetoric praying on the fears of the masses to direct there voices to unite in a senseless chant if hate. This chant is scriped by a ring leader profiting on there misdirected energy. Waising it waisting it. All the while the ring leader lines her/his pocket with the spoils of the propaganda they promote. Creating a dogma of hate is not free speech it in slaves people into senseless negativity.


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I spent many of the next years Wandering and wondering. Wandering through my childhood, Wondering where life would take me. Wandering through my adolescence, Wondering which path to choose. And wandering in my young adulthood Wondering if the choices I made would ever mean something.
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When I look into the rainbow I see
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Red that stands for hate the same hate that is why a lot of us can't marry the person that we love with all our of heart. Isn't red supposed to mean love? Red hate, just because I love someone in my own sex.
I also see hate in my own Gay community. Who cares If I can't wear the Latest fashion because of money that I don't have? It should be what is in my heart. Stop the hate and stand together as one.

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