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I Wish You Saw Yourself In My Dreams (Madison Elizabeth Holland-Lafayette, LA)

Sometimes I wonder
How can we possibly be compatible
When you have the freedom
To do whatever you want, whenever
But I must call it a night so early
Every time
Then listen to the stories you tell me
Of your night without me
And it sounds so fun
So exciting
I can't help but wish
That I had as few responsibilities
So I wouldn't be so tired all the time
From waking up early
And studying so hard
Or that you were in school too
So you would know how it is
To work and pay bills and pass tests
All at once
I'll just grin and bare it
Like I do everything
Because I have to hold onto the dream
That one day it will all pay off
And I'll get my ring and my wedding
My big girl job
My husband, my kids, my perfect little family
But its hard to see that sometimes
Through all the sacrifice
All the things I do
For my future and yours (ours)
But all you see
Is a party pooper
A girl with too many dreams
Who can't stay out late with you.


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