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What I Know (Ted A. Richard-Church Point, LA)

What I Know …
I know that sometimes what I see isn’t what I see.
I know that sometimes what I hear isn’t what I hear.
I know that sometimes what I think isn’t what I think.
I know that sometimes what I feel isn’t what I feel.

I know that my eyes are for sight; not vision.
I know that my ears are for sound; not listening.
I know that my mind is for thoughts; not understanding.
I know that my heart is for passion; not loving.

I know this because my eyes can see what no else can see.
I know this because my ears can hear what no one else can hear.
I know this because my mind can think what no one else can think.
I know this because my heart can feel what no one else can feel.

I know that what I can see with my own eyes can help me to envision others more clearly.
I know that what I can hear with my own ears can help me to listen to others with complete understanding.
I know that what I think with my own mind can help me to inspire others in faith, hope and love.

And I know that what I feel with my own heart  
 Can open my heart even more to the capacity for
True Vision
True Understanding
True Faith
True Hope
And True Love.


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