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parTy's over (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)


The curTains are closed
The moTel room is Trashed
i’m naked and shivering
my large pupils are Tiring
i could push my misery longer
buT dawn jusT goT here.


iT’s Time To go inTo The lighT
all The ice has melTed away
and I no longer want To be cold
Tina almosT fucked my hearT away
my sorrow can longer add up.


alone, always alone
Tina left me Tweaking in The dark
baTTling The fears in my mind
i would ofTen hear The police creeping ouTside the door
paranoia had me Thinking,
“if i wenT To jail, would she come to visiT?”


The really fucked up Thing:
i wanTed her back again and again
Though everyThing she Touched evaporaTed like smoke
i craved her, my imaginary parTner
my sTubborness had me Tripping Through life.


now, all The crysTals are gone,
glamour conTinually leading inTo despair
so many acquainTances have lefT my life
so many of The wrong paThs i’ve Taken.
i’ve had enough. i can’T live like This.
I haTe the parTy lifesTyle!


The sun is Trying to shine on me
Tina won’T Trap my spiriT inside a moTel hell
I musT sTand up for myself in This momenT
So i ask myself, one lasT Time:
do i wanT to parTy?


noT anymore.
The curTains are open
i am going inTo The lighT



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