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The Dance (Brandon Granger-Breaux Bridge, LA)

Who am I in this love affair?
A fleeing moment of a stable figure
that is yet to be known,
But you dance with my emotions as
a tango or a ballroom blitz.
Never knowing the next step or beat
When something more desirable will
Come along to cheer your fancy and
Sweep you off your feet.
Is my love truly enough?
For that, my dear friend, is left to be
Seen. To strip you or your secrets
and to place your trust in me would
be my deepest desire.
To know you head to toe…that we
May dance together always as lovers
With one beat and one melody.


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Step by step, I step     I hear the angels sing    Hope, today, they bring  Flying up with pep  I become Heaven's rep    Riding along God's wing
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