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In This Time (Jason M Smith - Lafayette, La)

In this time of imposed self doubt,
Why do I fumble all about?
To trust in ones self that is not fair,
Who’s words flow out like empty air?
To come back from the dark abyss,
To start anew and have a miss.
Life is short and never right,
Would I be missed if I died tonight?
Why is it always hard for me,
To try to live a life that’s free?
To escape into a world so filled with hate,
Is this all part of my soulless fate?
No one knows how to love and live,
They all fight over petty shit!
Where did the love of the people all go,
Melted away like the winters snow.
This is some of the things that I ponder,
Sitting alone here in this land of wonder.
Maybe one day I will get it right,
It’s right over there out of my sight.
It seems to be that I am to blame,
I guess that’s why I feel this shame.
Never knowing what to do that is right,
Maybe that is why we argue and fight?
One day soon I might learn this lesson,
To really see what I have been missing.
To be as one with your true love,
To feel the touch that comes from above.
I can’t go on feeling this way,
To be so empty with no were to stay.
My only wish is to never hurt you again,
Because that is one of my greatest sins.
I have to leave on this my final note,
I want to say goodbye to this life that is a joke...


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