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Freefall (Caleb Rink-Patterson, LA)

As I looked into eyes that once promised forever, I could see the verge of death on colorful horizons. “Do you trust me?” he whispered as I laid in his arms. “With all that I am,” returned with a passionate stare.
Dangling over a balcony above a city of forgotten promises and regretful memories, I observed the nuances of life and death as they danced beneath me. “Don’t you trust me?” fell from his lips as I began to slip away. Down, down, down; his words perpetuated the grand illusion.
How could I resist the urge to exist in a moment forever? Locked in his vision; trapped in his eyes; a prisoner at his mercy. Entranced by the idea of an immortal presence; I couldn’t even feel myself falling.
My faithful eyes never fleeted from his lethal gaze. My lips tasted his malicious poison. And my nose was filled with his toxic scent, When I realized he was my demise.
Now, as I find myself mere seconds away from hitting the ground, I know that his words were never more than fatal fallacies. And as I brace myself to escape a sinister world of hate, I become one with my past, and into forever, I freefall.


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