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Leaving the Nest...Memories of Mother-(Marlon D Bourque-Lafayette, LA)

From birth, through childhood illness, beyond the teen years,...
a loving, giving , somewhat overprotective soul tended to my every need.

Her sense of devotion paled only to the sense of stubborn survival,
as she strived to nurture me from potential life dangers.

A proud, sensitive, independent very private personality,
often misunderstood as unapproachable by few neighbors.

She hid her lacking self-confidence in a tough farce veneer,
the very pleasing behavior ethic of immaculate housekeeper,

Those of us that knew her character strengths of warmth, nurturing giving,
came to surmise that a little more encouragement could allay her fears to success.

Homemade bread every Thursday, nutritious home prepared meals,
were rewards of every cordial visitor that came to grace her southern hospitality.

Afraid to show affection outside of the home, perceived as a weakness,
she made up for the lacking by her tremendously large heartfelt actions of generosity.

We bonded as friends during my times of needed health nurturance concerns,
from which we both learned invaluable culturally related coping skills.

Upon leaving the nest for military service I realized those bonding times,
were invaluable life altering lessons of endurance and courage.

Memories of my mom are all I have physically,
however the quality times of shared bonding remain in the heart.

If any lesson be found here among these remembrances of mom,
It would be share love, learn now from others because God’s plan may not be your time.

Thank you for all the inspiration to continue with life,
even though our time shared together were much too short.


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