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21st Century Problems: Surrogate Father Appreciation Day Part 2 (#19) (Louis Toliver Jr-Lafayette, LA)

“Okay, so you two ready!” Mrs. Nunns nudged Ben and I as we stood backstage in on the stage of the cafeteria. Yes, the cafeteria and the ceremony stage were one and the same. “What are you, father and son, going to perform,” Nunns sniffed my neck. I’m not sure why. I looked at Ben who was looking at me confused.  “You look kind of young to be Ben’s father actually,” Nunns added. Before I could responded I heard, “Trey?” Terri walked up to me holding the hand of a woman, I guess it was his new girlfriend. “Who’s Trey?” Nunns looked at me. “He is,” Terri insisted. Nunns looked at me kind like a nun actually. I replied, “In the streets, people call me Trey.” “And who are you,” asked Nunns to Terri. “I’m his ex-boyfriend. I prefer women now.” This seemed to be turning into a confusing conversation because I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. For some reason every major issue I have had recently experienced was in Richard E. Nixon Junior High School, at this moment. I wondered if this was symbolic of American history but then I realized I knew about American history and that because this moment in my life was so uncomfortable I was begging for my A.D.D. to kick in. “You’re a man?” Nunns asked. “I am. I am pre-op for now.” Terri added. “This is my girlfriend, Sophie. Her daughter goes here.” Terri looked at me and smiled. I didn’t smile back. I wanted run. “So, Ben,” I whispered to him as I looked down. I don’t he was pay attention. But, we had to get the hell out this situation. “What does pre-op mean. I’m sorry,” Nunns blinked her eyes and you could tell her brain was not ready to process what was about to be revealed. “I’m trangender,” Terri said confidently. “You’re like gay?” Nunns asked. “No. I am a bisexual man.” Terri looked over at me and I shook my head, because Terri broke up with me and he was thinking I had his back? Exes are cruel. No way. At this point, I needed a moment to think, because Ben and I had to perform some kinda talent soon.


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