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Sorrow Will Not Know My Home (Alex KingHoward Berrio-Lafayette, LA)

How my life has turned
like a slow carnival carousel
all smiles all around
and they all belong to my friends
the new ones have just paid their ticket
and they're here for the long ride
while the long term ones have already settled in
sitting around the fire and trading laughs
they come from the heart
just like the last passenger to come aboard
she didn't have to pay for her ticket
because she had already bought one
long ago when the carnival had different owners
everyone hopes that the carousel can take weight
hoping that it doesn't break down
like it did in the winter

How cold it was that winter
without the warmth to envelope me
my soul felt naked and permeable
but other souls around me
were colder and I could not let them die
for they are as beautiful as I have seen
and now in the glorious spring
another soul joins our fellowship
only growing by one but growing grand
connections take no time to form
as the lilies and the cherry blossoms
tickle our noses and fondle our smiles
they seem permanently transfixed
as my soul spells out joy
and throws out sorrow
for I have no need for an idea
that won't get any use these next seasons
but, those seasons will fade and then grow
and sorrow will know not my home


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