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I Would FIght For You (Louis Toliver Jr- Swartz, LA)

Violence should never be the solution to life trials
But in some situations, fists must form and enact
I would fight for you and punch all the evil smiles
There are times we must go even moreso primal, a fact 

Should a beast of nature seek to harm all those
I love, It would be hard to not want to kill him but
Using my wit, I would study the beast and blows
Once I’ve convinced vile beasts that I am their slut

I take my strong hands and crush the skulls of evil
And I do all this to protect you and your special life
The world is filled with spirits that want upheaval
I have been a victim of beasts but I can survive strife

I am here to fight for safety and to help teach you
The difference between beasts and men and taboo


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