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Nobody’s Perfect …And That’s Perfectly Fine (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

What if I told you the secret to life was acceptance, that’s it
To accept nature, life, and humanity for it is, so don’t quit

I am not perfect, you are not perfect, we are not perfect
It’s ridiculous to think that we spend so much time searching
I have no clue what we are searching for, maybe to be “whole”
But I know no more than you when it comes to life and such

My words are not perfect, don’t you see, I don’t always rhyme
Still, to express oneself helps connect to others in their time
Don’t strive to be her or him or them or all that isn’t like you
Live to be your fantasies and desires that don’t make you blue

Nature, as often as it creates, also destroys what is not perfect
But let us be better than our nature, embracing imperfection


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