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Dad (Annette Redmond Walters-Lafayette, LA)

As a child I held you in awe.

I watched from your shadow the esteem you held my mother in and the romance in her eyes.

From my sensitive perspective you were always larger than life, a man beyond 
my comprehension.

Your presence was constant, our role as your family never questioned.

From my very first memory, you were there and we belonged to you.

As I grew through adolescence, I drifted from your shadow to a corner of my own and 
confusion overwhelmed me.

I cannot bear to think of how much of your character I missed out on knowing during those 
dark years

and despite my rebellion, still I saw my mother glow and I knew that you were good and 
eventually admitted that you were right.

As a young adult I quietly asked admittance back into your life and you rejoiced. Again, a man 
beyond my comprehension.

I worked hard to get close to you from that time on and never did you let me down.

Your response made me want to be a better person, even a rational one.

And the prouder I made you the more excited I became.

With the birth of my son, I saw a different man in you.

No longer a giant in my midst, you became the man of joy, love, and devotion my mom had
always known you to be.

I saw a gentleness in you, a carefree absolution that left me in a different kind of awe.

I allowed myself to feel secure with you and as usual you never let me down.

When we last spoke, you told me how much you loved me and I knew you were saying 

And although I was crumbling inside, I told you of the honor I felt for you, the admiration I held you in and the hope that my son would grow to know it too. Your last words to me were "Thank 

I found it incredulous that you should be thanking me because I would not be who I am without 

You showed me what a man was meant to be, a selfless father, devoted husband, adoring 
grandfather, and a strong and brilliant presence.

You are the one I should be thanking. I never asked to be rescued, never dreamed I'd be worthy 
and you saved me anyway.

Daddy, you are the strength of my heart. You made it whole and because of you, I will never 
give up. I will never ever give up.


  1. Very touching and beautiful words <3 May he rest in peace. ~Hiba~


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