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Pieces of Sasha Massey: #1 (Sasha Massey - Lafayette, LA)

A car ride with my man, whew... There will be times when you are convinced that your significant other is the most annoying, needy, whiny...Listen, nevermind about that. If you need confirmation that this particular human is your downfall or not, study the situation as pragmatically as possible first. Do their bills get piled onto yours? Are they adding or taking away from how you live and thrive professionally? Would your work and home life be easier without them? At what frequency daily, do you wish you could slap them with a frying pan, leaving a greasy ring in the face? (That's an extra credit one) Enough answers in one direction will present you with walking papers to hand off or a new way to not just function but live and thrive as a unit. Your careers and home life need to flow even if it means you'll be traveling extensively. Fidelity is powerful especially for those who seek their bookend in life. I'm just a mermaid on land. Always getting in too deep and kicking my way back to the surface.
* *
Angst on the way to Infinity War. Hearing some white teenage girl say to her, definitely not boyfriend that Black Panther was the worst movie ever? Hm, I don't get paid to beat other people's children. So mild irritation is what I'm allowing from that.


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Louisiana Words History: Harvey LeBeouf and the Rise of Rural Louisiana

Harvey LeBeouf, the 8th accomplished Louisiana Words Allstar and the 2nd quickest writer to rise to this status since 2015, has brought in the most followers than any other writer in the history of Louisiana Words since 2014. He has racked in the most #1 poems and been consistently in the top 3 for Best of Week since Winter 2019. He gained Allstar status quickly having many poems under his belt with many more to come! A native of Kaplan, 27 people have joined the community ranking Kaplan at #6 in the top 10 places following. Yes! Kaplan the 1st rural town to beat out larger places like Shreveport (currently not in the top 10). Now living in Lake Charles, Harvey has also brought in 19 followers for Lake Charles ranking them #10. Both places are currently listed on the Louisiana Words Tour coming in the Winter 2020. Thank you, Harvey!

I’m Not a Nigger (Louis Toliver Jr - Swartz, LA)

You called me a “nigger” One word to rule me  Your word bullet of hate 
You’re life is a such hell  You think 6 letters  Justify your fake inferiority 
Just 6 letters  I got those and 20 more  Together
My mind is bulletproof I’m so far above you  I can call you scum in 6 different languages 
You can’t hide in white pride You are hate  You’re the nigger

Louisiana Words Commercial (1.4) - Veterans Memorial Park