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Lumberyard Love Affair (Adam John Schexnayder – Crowley, La)

My heart raced whenever he looked at me.  Didn’t he know that I already had our children’s names picked out?? (Rachelle and Jacob)  He was everything I had ever hoped for.  He was smart, funny, talented, and did I mention he had arms for days??  He got my blood pumping by just shaking his hair from his eyes.  I would sometimes bow down in his presence, subtly of course. He would lift on the lumber and I would just die.  How do you tell someone that you LOVE them and they don’t even know your name??

As I sat in the jail cell, I realized how ignorant the whole situation panned out to be.  Maybe I shouldn’t have spent every day for a year staring at him from only five feet away for hours at a time.  Maybe I shouldn’t have followed him home just to watch him cut his grass.  Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled, “I LOVE YOU” at him while he was driving a fork lift.  Then maybe he wouldn’t have been startled.  Then maybe he wouldn’t have dropped three bundles of sheetrock onto a defenseless old lady.  Then, just maybe, I wouldn’t have tried to kiss him (he thought I was attacking) while he was trying to remove the sheetrock from the old lady.

Regardless, I found my first love.  He was smart, funny, talented, and did I mention that he had arms for days??  I may not have known him, but he was pretty to look at.  And isn’t that what love is about?


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