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"Reality Check about Using Your Heart" (Louis Toliver Jr-Swartz, LA)

Reality Check about Using Your Heart

This is meant for good advice
Lead with your head not your heart
I didn’t say don’t show your heart
But not everyone wants to see it
Even if you mean it
So don’t show it to the wrong people
Because they will know how to break it
Don’t take it personal that’s just life
Though, not so fast, the heart is useful
Because using yours will inspire love
But let the potential for those who love
Shine from them and show compassion
As they learn to survive in a hard world
Who you are is not who they are
Most conflicts are caused by the heart
For most who want love
Don’t know how to give it
So don’t expect love back
Be patient and understanding
Guide with your head
See that people love even if they don’t say it
Let those who love you
Show their heart the same time as you
And neither of you will expect
Nor more or less than that
This is how happy relationships are formed


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