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21st Century Problems: Your College Degree is No Good Here (#11) (Louis Toliver Jr)

I guess I was at the point where I had the time to pick up another job, considering my FTM transgendered boyfriend broke up with me at Picadilly. I’m not good with being idle AT ALL. When I’m idle, I’m stuck trying to figure out why I think the way I do and my thinking is always distracted by my A.D.D. which is always an issue because I’m not really sure that I always stay on target for what the point is of sharing my observations about living in a world that makes sense and doesn’t make sense. See what I mean? I’m supposed to be talking about why my 4-year Bachelor’s college in General Studies (What the hell is that?) degree hasn’t paid off exactly the way I want it. That’s why I’m working 5 jobs with a college degree. Did I mention I have no health insurance?...So, I am basically desperate. I live in a country that has convinced me  that there are no jobs around. Which is code for “jobs we don’t want to do.” So, I bit the bullet and went to McDonald’s to apply for a manager’s position. Working in the fast food industry is tough the days with all the menu options, health awareness, and 24-hour service. Working in fast food would put me in a tight spot being that they want me to be there 8-10 hours a day! That’s hard because my jobs that I have currently are all designed around my A.D.D. I can only maintain focus for so long on one task…So, I go in for the job interview. I am immediately turned away because I don’t have a McDegree. “Generally” speaking, there was no point really to this “general” rant like my college degree that makes me feel “general.” 


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