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Swimming in My Dreams (Louis Toliver Jr)

My head swells
I am floating through a sea of dreams
I must be careful or I will drown
I will drown, slowly, and no one will be around
I swim faster!
Ideas are all around me and I feel them
I let the ideas seep into my pores and I let the ideas poor from my soul

I remember my first dream when I was young, when I was naïve, when I was bold.
And I am still bold
And awake…full of life
But I think I’m hungry
I eat and eat my dreams and I spit them out
But why spit when I can chew?
I choke on MY words!

I am swimming
I can swim
I swam
I did?
I didn’t
I learned
I exist too, I know

The sea is vast and I can see far along the horizon.
Don’t I have a say?
I feel my body soak
Am I in water?
I am a dream in water

I am dreaming
But am I dying?
We all die in water
But I gave birth to water


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