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The Pebble and The Storm (Taylor Coen-Lafayette, LA)

The Pebble and The Storm

Our passion is our strength.[1]
All the strength and force of man comes from his faith in things unseen. He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.[2]
Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.[3]

The Wind: Flows ever so carelessly
In an attempt to catch someone’s attention
By bringing calmness to the mind
In an attempt to strike the brain
With Guidance.
The mind is clearer when the thoughts are as well.
Then, ideas form and creation is inevitable.
It comes so naturally.
The mind is strengthened and so is the heart.

The Rock: an embodiment of the Earth
And all that we stand on
Giving us the power to feel mighty
And not back down

To challenges that might frighten us.
Brittle but strong the rock is
When something mightier comes along
To erase the brain of all flow
And ease.

The Pebble: sits at the bed of the river, or just above the surface,
Pondering the strength it holds within its cracks
Unaware of how powerful its form is
Beneath the waves of time and the forces of wind.
The tiny pebble is as strong as a storm
Puncturing the smallest of fragments
With a gentle knock
A thunderous cry
And a sudden epiphany.

The Storm: carries out over the plains, the mountains and the sea.
What is there to see but nothing more than the fear within the hurricane?
Seeking protection from the monster, be wise.
Seeking wisdom and experience, be wiser.
The storm carries out over the plains, the mountains and the sea
But not for thee.
There is a shining star on the horizon and it stands above the storm

Portraying the rock and the wind and the pebble.
A lesson must be learned.

The Conclusion: Heart, stone, power, force, wind, water, serenity
Of Nature and rocks and pebbles and crashing tides of violence.
The wind is like that of a rock, sharing strength and wisdom
Within the smallest soul and biggest mind.

True strength is delicate.[4]

[1] Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
[2] Quote by James Freeman Clarke
[3] Quote by William J. Clinton
[4] Quote by Louise Berliawsky Nevelson


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