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I Still Believe in Love (Kisha Kana-Lafayette, LA)

I lie awake naked in the dark
Stripped of all restrictions
When I’m alone with myself and can feel who I am
I wonder if there is anyone out there who will love me
As I am, with the makeup off
I don’t think methodically nor melodically
All I have are words that come from my soul
Does anyone really want to know the secrets I keep?
Would they discover my treasure boxes with wide eyed wonder same as I do?
Someone recently told me that everyone wants love, to love and be loved and if they say different, they are lying
Clichéd maybe, but I believe him…we are born to love
Put on earth to love, feel and touch other human beings through the depths of their soul
Through solace I believe you can come to know yourself
But until you love unconditionally and feel that same love back, you don’t really know yourself at all
Because in those moments, all else falls away as if you can live on the energy of love itself
I still want that.  Yes. I still believe in that.  


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Step by step, I step     I hear the angels sing    Hope, today, they bring  Flying up with pep  I become Heaven's rep    Riding along God's wing
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