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Release (Rachel Perry - Lafayette, LA)

So often I've the urge to drop my belongings and race
Fall up the stairs
Gasping for breath

To the cold crisp air of a red-brick rooftop
Just as the sun is sinking
And the sky is a melancholic array of colors

I will face the world from up above
With a crazed look in my face
Hands rising shakily from my sides

The breeze will slowly build momentum
My eyes will squint and water up
Peer out over the all they've ever known

And just as it all reaches that epic climax
That pinnacle of the mountaintop
Simultaneous crack of thunder and lightning

Just then my hands will open up
And release my insecurities
Into the hard-blowing wind

In one sharp needle of time they'll be gone
Removed from my unwanting possession
And blown so far they've no chance of retaking root in my soil


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