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Two Shades of a Different Color (Lakari Jaquan Fontenot- Lafayette, LA)

Mulatto, Mutt, Mixed are all slang terms to describe the people of two or more races
One day I should be white
the next day I should be black
When I'm happy I should stay white
When I'm angry I should get ghetto
When I cook I should be black
When I converse with people I should be white

When I eat food I should be white
When I drink I should be black
Society sometimes says that being white can be better than being black
Why can't black and white be equal, why can't they mean the same thing
Why should I have to chose what color my skin should be when society deems it acceptable
Why make me choose one or the other, why can't I be black and white all the time
Black and White, unified and equal in harmony not in any struggle, that's what it should mean to be Biracial.


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