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Unexpected Places (Madison Elizabeth Holland- Lafayette, LA)

As I lean into the mirror peering at my face
The space between my breasts jumps into focus
Stark, white, bony in contrast to my soft, heavy handfuls
I run my finger down my sternum feeling my breath rise and fall
Wanting other hands on me touching where my heart flutters
Your appreciation and near-worship makes me tremble under your gaze
Never ever felt so cherished and respected by anyone, you, a near stranger
The goddess in me wakes languid and seductive, responding to you
The poetry in my bones spoke to the music in your steps
Temporary, transient, fleeting but the love is just as sincere
I never believed in chemistry the way you leeched it from my marrow
Wondrous discovery, basking in physicality touch and kiss and gaze
An outward reflection of the inner fire
When flames lick at each other their melding is not even visible
A memory I will carry to my grave a memento of wild passionate drunken nights
In my mind I will relive it always the night our souls brushed
And the morning that I discovered what it was like to be a goddess to someone's god
My porcelain skin, fine lines in the mirror is highlighted by the scars
Heartbreaking beauty in unexpected places.


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