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The Weapons (Jadyne “Jay” Bell- New Orleans, LA)

Self-forged in the pit of soul
With a whole lot of anger that I just refuse to let take control
See this bunker I call my brain holds enough ammunition
To engage, escalate, and end WWIII
Luckily, I’m the one with the safety on, welded tight
Just in case I might wanna go there

Not likely though
I prefer the simple satisfaction of holding my big guns
Here are of my favorite ones

There’s charisma:
I’ve never had to fire this one
The pure sight might make a lion put its tail between its legs
And beg for my mercy. You’ve got nothing to fear

Then there’s witty:
A hand-held hell-raiser that Angelina Jolie would favor
These bullets bounce from body to body with brilliant elegance
All that I’ve ever wanted

Lastly, there’s honesty:
Coated with a jet-black matte finish
It’s sure to finish any conversation
A few shots from this one… pure obliteration

The weapons are my words, my potential and creativity
The weapons are my gifts
The weapons He has given me


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