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The Questionable Legacy of Pornography (Madison Elizabeth Holland- Lafayette, LA)

The filth 
(Or beauty?)
Of a millenia
Washes over my pubescent consciousness
Business of adults
An industry older than time Something I couldn't possibly understand
Hormones already passionately raging
The last thing I needed
Was this kind of needless perversion
(Or natural expression?)
A twelve year old shouldn't have access
To the machinations of adult intimacy
My already blossoming Catholic guilt
Nailing me to a cross of scrupulosity
The impact of shameful
(Or fulfilling?)
Imprinted on my young psyche
Did it really affect my future self?
Or was it something that most kids deal with
And am I just more normal now because of that?
Or am I different and damaged
And altered beyond repair?
I don't know that labels
For a potentially damaged
(Or broadened?)
Are appropriate


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