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Young Soldiers Pt.1 (Jadyne “Jay” Bell- New Orleans, LA)

Young soldiers, New York life but never had any closure
With everything Luke did he never had a shoulder to lean on
So his mom keeps the milk carton he’s seen on

Now he’s hiking, hitching a ride
You’ve got to move like lightning, stay out of sight
And out of the… inside of that plastered ride
He made it all the way to Philly were he met Rayshad

And Ray was a good dude
In the same situation Luke got spun through
So they… teamed up, together they dreamed up
The perfect plan for them to get their green up

So they dodged blue lights, sold stone cold white
Stayed up on the late ours of the night
Everything they did never really felt tight
But to them, looking fresh always felt more right

Right until the night that Ray got shot up
Luke took one too, but they both got up
Like…what luck, The Lord never fails
So they moved to Detroit where they met Daniel

They called her Danny, what a sweet girl
Cause no one ever knew about the problems in her world
Her father was a pastor, too bad he beats her
Mother so in love, that she doesn’t believe her

And Luke always had her eye
Cause he was always there for Danny when she would cry
No doubting that would be the main reason why
The three ran off with the twenty-five

Thousand dollars Danny’s parents put aside for college
Bought a Dodge Neon cause it had good mileage
Moved to LA where the stars a born
And everything was good from that moment on

Luke made it big as a CEO and president
Danny’s a pro surfer, the water is her element
Rayshad so flawed, but wouldn’t give in
And now Doctor Ray helps kids breath in

Like… breathe in, breathe in
Young…soldier breathe in


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