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The Loneliness Disease (Louis Toliver Jr, Swartz, LA)

(A story written from personal experience)

“Loneliness” is a parasitic disease. It is a type of cancer that eats away happiness. BUT loneliness (that horribly deceptive reality) can be destroyed. Though, it can take a long time to be recognized or cured. Here are some ways to recognize if you have the loneliness disease.

When you are most vulnerable, it will come in the form of pleasure and use bodily joys to deceive you. You will begin to focus on OUTSIDE VANITY (looks, money, or drugs) and not INTERNAL BEAUTY (who you are). You will think yourself  happy with materialistic things, but you are not.

As you focus less and less on your strengths, as you reject more and more of the gift of life you have been given, you will find yourself measuring your own self-worth against what others do, NOT YOUR OWN POTENTIAL. Your soul will erode, your purpose will be lost, and you will subconsciously want death to take you. And IT WILL.

If at this moment, you are not sure that you want to live or die, where the latter seems like the better option most times, I diagnose you with the loneliness disease. RECOGNIZE THIS NOW! Reach out to some and tell them NOW! I, you, and we have ALL suffered from this disease. You are loved, but this horrible cancer has deceived you into hating yourself.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, so let’s cure it, together!


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